Landscape Plan Workshop in Masuda, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

As part of the landscape plan of Masuda, Shimane, Photo lecture and session were held in order for citizens to be interested in the scenery first and to discover its uniqueness.

1) The 1st Scenery fieldwork & lecture – Iinoura area (July 25th, 2015)


Scenery Fieldwork Report (Vol.1)

2) The 2nd Scenery fieldwork & lecture – Nanao area (Nov 29th, 2015)


Scenery Fieldwork Report (Vol.2)

3) Masuda City Scenery Symposium
 Date : Feb 6th, 2016
 Place : Citizen Learning Center Multipurpose Hall
 Lecture by Jin Akino : Taking photography to new attention and observation


3) The 3rd Scenery fieldwork & lecture – Hikimicho-Sumikawa-Toinohara area (Sep 24th, 2016)

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